Hyper-V for the VMware Administrator WEBCAST!

There’s been recent press about customers deploying multiple virtualization technologies in production to control costs.  Let’s face it, VMware with all it’s bells and whistles (you may not even use) is expensive.  Hyper-V is priced right, runs wicked fast, and comes with Windows Server 2008. 

So with all of that, why not check out Hyper-V? 
Perhaps you’re a shy VMware admin that doesn’t want to admit you don’t know a lot about Hyper-V?

Hear-yee, hear-yee!

(is that how you spell that?).


Nick Smith has a TechNet web cast JUST FOR YOU, Mr.VMware GUY! (or gal) 

It’s titled “Hyper-V for the VMware Administrator,” and it’s NEXT WEEK! 

Monday, March 1st, at 11:00AM Pacific (that’s 2:00PM Eastern).  Be sure to register using the following link:


Nick is a very practical (and fast talking) virtualization expert with lots of experience working in real world environments.  It should be a great session, even if you’re not a VMware user – touching on performance and resource optimization and much more. 


TechNet Webcast: Hyper-V for the VMware Administrator (Level 300)


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