I’ve Got 2 Blogs Now!

I was tapped to post up on the Microsoft Windows Server site recently, and I’m now also posting on the “Because it’s everybody’s business” area as a Windows Server expert (the actual blog site is here).

The goals of the site are to focus on ways to innovate and be efficient with Microsoft technology.  How I got to be an expert, I’m not sure (maybe because I’m “frugal”), but I’m excited about it! 

I posted a summary of some of the backup materials I’ve put here.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for topics.  I’ve had some questions about how I run and install other operating systems on Hyper-V, and I thought I’d follow up with some posts here about that – what the integration components/ integration services (ICs / ISs) do, and what you might need to alter in your VM configuration if you don’t have them.

Because its everybody's business

Comments (2)

  1. JohnKelbley says:

    Great!  I’ll continue to do my best to post information I believe to be useful!


  2. Ilija Brajkovic says:

    Good luck, I added both blogs to my RSS reader.

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