Having Fun With the Other Blog!

Playing around with the other blog is fun – I’m using more cool pictures like this one of a can!  I’ll get back to being technical on this blog again now, sorry for digressing.


Better Linux Performance on Hyper-V With Integration Services

I showed you in my last post how to get nearly any OS running on Hyper-V by adding the Legacy Network Adapter (2114X compatible NIC).  Yes it works, but the performance isn’t all that great. Microsoft provides Integration Services (also sometimes referred to as Integration Components or ICs) for Linux to run on Hyper-V which…


How To Run Linux, UNIX, and Other OS’ on Hyper-V

I’ve gotten questions about how I managed to get Hannah Montana Linux (and OpenSolaris and SCO UNIX) to work on Hyper-V.  Some folks have tried, but were not able to access network resources (you can clearly see that I was browsing to Bing in the screen shots, but they couldn’t get there!). When you create…


I’ve Got 2 Blogs Now!

I was tapped to post up on the Microsoft Windows Server site recently, and I’m now also posting on the “Because it’s everybody’s business” area as a Windows Server expert (the actual blog site is here). The goals of the site are to focus on ways to innovate and be efficient with Microsoft technology.  How…