Jagged edges in your needles?

One issue that we’ve seen internally is that some of our needles sometimes appear jagged on our analog gauges.  If it’s been a while since encountering this issue, we may not remember that gauge bitmaps need to be at least 4 pixels wide in order for the bilinear filtering (basically, antialiasing) to be applied properly….


Too many generators?

I just noticed today that our EH-101 has 3 generators (one for each engine), but we only have switches for turning two of them on and off… thus you can never turn off the third one, which means that as long as that third engine is running, the electrical systems in the cockpit keep running!…


Walking around in FSX

I like this video because it demonstrates what I expected to see in FS when I started using it years ago: the ability to walk around and into an airplane.  🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly0eo2cuT6g


Funny video

At least, I thought it was pretty good.  ; ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r2CIE-0rWk


XML Gauge Text, Part III: Mind your %’s and (‘s

It looks like a common mistake made by people creating XML gauges is to use too many percent signs (%).  For example, I saw this in a 3rd-party gauge recently: %{if}%(On)%{else}%(Off)%{end} The underlined percent signs are unnecessary, and the parser will try to translate the “On” and “Off” as an expression that can be calculated. …