GPS detail level enumerations

In the XPack SDK we added more documentation about the enumerations relating to the GPS, but it looks like we left out some, too.  Some people were investigating what each meant based on trial and error, but I think I can help out a bit here. For example, Geoff_D was wondering what these numbers meant from…


How do I share data between C++ gauges in a shared cockpit scenario?

Based on the lack of references to “process_shared_event_out()” and “GAUGE_HEADER_FS1000” in a popular search engine and the fact that I’ve gotten a few questions on the subject, I’m guessing that the understanding of how to share data between two instances of the same C++ gauge in a shared cockpit scenario is quite limited. First let…


A word to the wise

Let’s say you’re posting to a forum and not getting responses from the person or people who you think should be responding. If you think that voicing your concerns in an aggressive manner to that person in front of a hundred or so of their colleagues and 3rd-party partners (in person) is a good solution to…


How did we get a transparent 2D HUD in the FA-18? I thought that wasn’t possible?

Someone was asking about this earlier today, and now that we’re not busy getting XPack out the door, I finally have time to answer it.  We made some changes to the XPack code base to allow this. And we added a flag to gauges.h: IMAGE_ERASE_ALWAYS. Note that your gauge update rate will suffer a bit, since…


What is "Shared Cockpit"?

I’ve gotten some questions about Shared Cockpit over the past months, and I believe that a response is well overdue at this point.  I plan to cover the topic in several posts, focussing on the aspects of shared cockpit that apply to 3rd party add-on developers. First, let’s describe what we (on the Flight Sim team)…


Superyacht blimp


Key combo trivia – ctrl k

Did you know that ctrl-k will disable/enable your joystick in Flight Sim?  I didn’t. I can imagine accidentally hitting that key combo and then having a heck of a time trying to figure out why you can’t control the aircraft with your joystick.  There isn’t, after all, any visible feedback that your joystick has been…


When is a P an F?

When you realize that a P-51D is also known as an F-51D sometimes.  P = “Pursuit” F = “Fighter” And I thought that someone else was confused!