Funny video

At least, I thought it was pretty good.  ; )

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  1. Stephen Braddy says:

    Ok, it looks like I’m in EXACTLY the right place to ask this …

    … WHY WHY WHY are the LCD display panels NOT back lit in aircraft like the CRJ, 737, and the Lear 45??? You have to turn the cabin light on in order to see the panels at night !!! This is a GLARING oversight that RUINS the night flying experience in these aircraft! FSX is the TENTH version of Flight Simulator, and has been given TWO (!!!) service packs and this GLARING problem is STILL not fixed ?!?! What is going on here ???????????

    I have been wondering this for a LONG time … there is appearntly NO way to report bugs in FSX (I can’t find a way to do it from WITHIN the game OR by using or even using This is a very VERY frustrating problem and I feel like I have no way to get the message to microsoft other than to post on some random blog of a developer. PLEASE help us get some action on this issue !!!!


  2. trump taj mahal says:

    This is a beautiful site. I`ll send the link to my friends.

  3. P-12C says:

    Wow Susan, it looks like you caught a winner there with Stephen!

    To the writer of the lighting comments:

    For what it’s worth, fsideas is where you can e-mail your concerns for the team to read. I also highly recommend laying off on the extra punctuation as it will get your message ignored very quickly.

    I’m not sure if the real LCD gauges on the trike have any backlighting, but I’m pretty sure they don’t. I am sure the trike doesn’t have any night lights and isn’t legal to fly at night. If you can’t fly at night, you don’t really need back lighting for the LCD gauges right. You do realize that the type of LCD’s these guages use don’t already emit light, right?

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