RNOR – a bit of a bug

So, our friend Rafael dos Santos pointed out to us last week that there was a bug in the rnor function that can be used in XML scripts (in both gauges and modeldef.xml).

He noticed that 4.0 rnor should be 4.0, not 0.86 as FS returns.  The problem is that we're doing a mod by pi instead of 2 pi.  (oops)

What to do about this?  I would suggest taking a number and converting to degress (using the rddg function), then using dnor (to normalize the number of degrees to a range between 0 and 360). and then convert back to radians using dgrd.  Take care to mind your d's and r's and g's, though!

And yes, this will be fixed at some point in a future release...

Thank you, Rafael, for noticing a bug that's been shipped in our product, in all likelihood, for the last 3 versions! (2002, 2004, FSX).  And since I wasn't here when the code was written, I'm absolved of all responsibility for its existence.  Right?  ; )

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