Variable A:Struct Eyepoint Dynamic Offset

So, you'd think that STRUCT EYEPOINT DYNAMIC OFFSET might have something to do with the camera position as set by SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF().  But you'd be wrong.  FSX doesn't actually have any way to query for the current camera position from SimConnect.  You can be notified when the camera position updates, but the associated event data doesn't include position or pbh (position/bank/heading) data.


Struct Eyepoint Dynamic Offset tells you how much the eyepoint has bounced up and down relative to its initial position in the VC.

Eyepoint Position tells you what was specified in the .cfg file; it never changes.

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  1. Unsure when/if an update for this will happen, but I will see what I can do.

  2. Fabio Merlo says:

    Thanks Engauged…. future update for SDK in that direction?  



  3. Renato S. Yamane says:


    I have a problem with FSX Deluxe in WinXP:

    When I go to a on-line session, map is disable!

    I can´t select MAP in ALT+W or clicking in Show/Hide Map in 2D Panel (Boieng 737-800).

    Best Regards,

    Renato S. Yamane


  4. Arpan Nanavati says:


    I want to translate the camera along the x,y,z there a way to do this by using SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF()…

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