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We recently (FS Ideas subscribers) got this e-mail (name name of sender omitted).  I think it was thoroughly enjoyed by many of us on the team; my favorite part, I think, is the reference to astrology at the end.


From: <A rabid fan>
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 1:49 AM
To: FS Ideas
Subject: philosophical nature of "X" in Flight Simulator X.


Short essay on the philosophical nature of “X” in Flight Simulator X.


Why is this upcoming version of Flight Simulator being termed “Flight Simulator X” and not termed in the similar fashion of predecessors, such as Flight Simulator 98 /2000 / 2002 / 2004?
The common denominator is the use of the Roman numeral for “10”, however there are other meanings to the use of “X” from philosophical viewpoints that are applicable to this product.


From a few sources, FSX is intending to be an innovative product, being something “new” and “refreshing” in its features both in content noticable to the user and within the software.
In cabalistic philosophy, “X” references both birth and death. Death to the old “2002”, “2004” signature, now being birthed into the new “X” with added features. Cabal society is rather intriguing in nature, even mysterious, which again can be superimposed onto Microsofts policy of not releasing substantial data on their products before a release date is set. Judging from numerous forums, the general atmosphere of the population is that of “intrigue” and speculation of the features of the product. Some even trying to read ‘between the lines’ of the FSX FAQ, trying to unearth the mystery that surrounds FSX.


“X” is also commonly a placeholder, such as “Project X” or “Mission X” or refering to entities as “X”. In this scenario, FSX, is just a placeholder for the final name of “Flight Simulator 2006”. However, being launched at some time similar to that of Windows Vista, which again is a new incarnation of previous Windows, it would be befitting to have FS with an “X” instead of “2006” as this would reinforce the the concept of Windows Vista being something new. The “X” is again present in something that also correlates to FSX, namely, DirectX10 (or DirectXX if written with  a Roman numeral) which FS will incorporate some features of (even though the platform for FSX is DirectX9).


In numerology, the number 10 is symbolic for “The end of an important cycle in which a change in circumstances will soon be forthcoming”. It is a higher octave of the number 1, in which case FSX is a “version 1” of something new. (In numerology, 10 is another meaning of 1+0=1)
The zero after the 1 signifies intensity of a transformational change, so in my opinion (as is all of this essay) version X of FS is bolder than its predecessors, breaking new ground.


On a more lighter scale, in American slang, the X is often used as an abbreviation of the drug ecstasy. Would flight simmers be in “ecstasy” with this new version? Referring to the FAQ, “The new enhancements extend beyond the look and feel of the planet”. A greater submersion into the simulator, drawing the users into this (sur)real world.


Another lighter note, American sign language for X is similar to that of a closed fist with the index finger crookedly pointing, as if toggling a switch from the flight panel.
(see )


Another similarity for the “X” is a roller coaster (called simply “X”) at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.
What makes this roller coaster unique, is that its a proto-type design in which the seats can rotate forward or backward 360 degrees in a controlled spin, akin to some (mostly unfortunate) aerodynamics of aircraft. Notice also that this roller coaster is “new” and “innovative” as comparable to FSX.


In aviation, “X” denotes “Experimental” for experimental aircraft, which (rather loosley I admit) symbolises new aircraft content (Grumman Goose et al) and as such are ‘prototypes’ compared to the long standing aircraft such as the Cessna 172.


I also have some astrological viewpoints on the intended release date of FSX, however, not sure if anyone is interested in that(?)
To just mention something quickly, the sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus are linked to aeronautics, flight as well as communications (global linkage) and other electrical symbolism. A late release date (around 10 December 2006 ) will create a sextile (harmonious aspect) between 6 planets to the sign of Aquarius. Astrologically speaking this is quite influential with 6 planets.


Lastly, thanks for your time reading this 🙂


Kind regards,

<Name omitted>



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  1. Nick Pike says:

    Actually, I think FSX sounds kinda neat. Not too dissimilar to my own site, FS2X :o)

    Has anyone got, I’ll have to check!



  2. Glenn Turner says:

    There is an awesome, free, add-on for FS2004 called vistaoz developed by some members of the fs community here in Australia.

    Have you have a chance to look at it?

    Wouldn’t it be cool if this could be part of FSX by default.

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