A Pathetic Lot

Hal recently posted a couple of e-mails sent to FS Ideas that he thought were, um, interesting… So I can’t resist sharing my all-time favorite.  (OK, I’ve been in this group for less than two years, but this one is over a year old and really stands out in my mind).  As with MD, the…


Vars used by GPS

I finally compiled a list of the GPS vars (most of which are used in the XML for the FS9GPS) and their default units and whether or not you can get/set them.  Hopefully this will be a handy reference for those creating their own GPS.  I’ve also created a column for whether or not there…


One more note on color: HilightColor

I meant to mention in my previous post today on color that there are a few gauges that utilize the “HilightColor” (yes, it should be spelled “HighlightColor”, but I have no control over what was written in FS8/9) attribute, including the Beech Baron clock.  Here’s a snippet of the XML: <Text … Color=”#101010″ BackgroundColor=”transparent” HilightColor=”white”>   <String>%((P:Local time,hours)…


Dev Humor

Thanks to Raf for sharing this guide to how to write unmaintable code. I haven’t read all of it yet – my sides already hurt too much from laughing so hard.



Last night I was thinking about colors when I left work and they were setting up green lights for the front of our building to celebrate the launch of Xbox 360.  So what can we do with colors in XML gauges in flight sim? We ship a colors.doc in our SDK, but it’s hard for…


Don’t let this happen to you

Continuing on the theme of displaying text in an XML gauge, I just spent more time than I would like to admit trying to figure out why this script wasn’t working for me: %( (A:ATC ID) )%!s! The problem, of course (which I only resolved by stepping into the depths of the stack-calculator code), was…


Conditionally Displaying Text in XML Gauges

I thought this might be of interest to some people out there: You can use the %{if}, %{else}, and %{end} constructs to choose which text to display.  Note that if, else, and end are case-sensitive and must be typed in lowercase.  The syntax for usage is: %(CONDITIONAL)%{if}TEXT TO DISPLAY IF TRUE%{else}TEXT TO DISPLAY IF FALSE%{end}…



Have you ever found yourself making humorous typos?  For example, have you ever typed “dev” to jump to your private dev directory in your enlistment (OK, most people will have no idea what I’m talking about here), but type in “deb” instead?  Which of course isn’t recognized as an internal or external command… but I…


Where have I been?

I’ve been meaning to blog lately, but for some reason, life has been getting in the way.  Things like training classes (“Threat Mitigation”), travelling, bike racing, skiing, helping out friends, and life in general have been keeping me away from my desk over the last several days.  And now I’ve got to get back to…


From the "Who knew?" department

Apparently the runway at KBFI is pretty bad.  I’ve taken off there twice in a little RV owned & operated by a coworker, but our takeoff roll was about 100 yards so I didn’t notice any bumpiness…