Hey! What happened to my DHCP Server?

Like many IT Professionals and enthusiasts, I have a lab.  Mind happens to sit on my laptop and various components will be spun up / down / torn apart as I need.

One I happened to keep together was my Domain Controller.    Sure they're not difficult to spin up and bring online with Windows PowerShell.

But this particular one I had MDT and WDS on there.  I used it as a standalone appliance for Deploying Server 2016 as I needed.   It works and works well.

Last night I fired it up and went to deploy a Server 2016 box only to find out nothing was grabbing an IP address.

I checked over logs and scanned through.   Active Directory was good but over and over DHCP was complaining it couldn't find an Active Directory controller... on the same box.

I did a bit of digging in our local forums and ran across a user with a similar issue.   If you looked at the DHCP Server it showed up as a 169.x.x.x (IPIPA) address.   Running Ipconfig I couldn't see it anywhere but this user mentioned that the issue turned out to be a second network card, with no cable attached.   The answer was "Disable the NIC"

Sure enough on my Virtual box I had a second NIC I installed and forgot about.   Disabled it internally on the server, bounced once and life was good.

Silly me, I should have cleaned up my old NIC's 🙂



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