How to assign EMS licenses using the Azure Portal

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  1. wouter says:

    Very useful & practical information!

  2. Systems Management Evangelist - South Africa says:

    Hi Pieter
    My background has allot to do with systems management over the years and i work as an IT Pro consultant within the industry. I am now looking to further extend my skill set with Microsoft’s Enterprise Management Suite of products.

    I have had some experience with Windows Intune and Windows Azure however this has been in isolation from one another.

    What I am looking to do is set-up a play pen using the free trial environments available from Microsoft. I want to be able to not only familiarise myself with the technology but also be able to demonstrate it to customers. Specifically Rights Management and
    Windows Intune.
    Is it possible for me to setup the entire EMS suite of applications including AD Azure, Windows Intune and Azure RMS and demonstrate the entire product suite to customers?
    The questions i have are:
    Do I require a registered public facing domain in order for me to build the environment and demonstrate it to my customers?
    Do I require an Office365 account for the demonstration?
    Do I require any public facing certificates in order for me to setup the demo?
    Are there any step by step guides available? I see guides for individual online guides for help but not one complete guide.
    The solution I would like to build would not be a hybrid solution with on premise integration. It would be totally Microsoft Cloud based.

    Essential I am trying to understand what might be the financial costs of me setting up the environment, am I able to setup the entire environment and perform and end to end demonstration, how long will I be able to demonstrate to customers before the trial
    runs out and how much would I need to pay going forward after the free trial has run out!!!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanking you in advance
    Systems Management Evangelist South Africa

  3. Anonymous says:

    Today I was trying to figure it out how to license a set of users in a Security Group and I came up with

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