Office 2010 printing errors with Calibri font: an alternative

  This blog post presents an alternative solution to the issue described in the KB article 2592142.   Symptom Consider the following scenario: Client computers that print through a print server using Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 as a platform may encounter printing errors or incorrect output when they have an Office 2010 application installed….


OSPPSVC.exe causes high CPU load on terminal server with Remote Desktop Services (terminal server)

Consider this scenario: –       Windows Server OS with RDS enabled (e.g. Citrix XenApp Platform) –       Office 2010 ProPlus installed locally –       An additional Office 2010 application (e.g. Visio 2010 or Project 2010) is installed as virtualized application. For this example let’s refer to Visio Premium 2010 as virtualized application.  The additional virtualized Office 2010 application is implemented following…