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Hello, Please be aware that with this post we will suspend the availability for this blog. All the existing content will remain in place, while any new posts will appear under specific, application related Blogs. Useful links: Office Products Blog Link Access The Microsoft Access Support Team Blog   Excel Excel Support Team Blog…

Installing Office 2013/O365 with the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for C2R

  The intention of this post is to focus on the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) as part of the troubleshooting process. In case you have trouble installing the click-to-run (C2R) version of Office, the ODT may come in handy and help to get your new Office installed. The key concept is that the ODT allows to…


Impact of using ForceShellExecute=1 in Office 2007, 2010 and 2013

For different reasons (such as this), your company may find that it has a need of changing the way that Office opens links, and force Office to use the Windows way of opening links. To achieve this, you will use this registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\Internetand a Reg_Dword called ForceShellExecute with value 1(N.B. this key refers to 9.0…


You get an error message when you open an Office file from SharePoint on a computer on which you installed more than one version of Office

Symptom When trying to open an Office document from a SharePoint site, you get one of the following behaviors: The file is being downloaded instead of opening directly from SharePoint:         Do you want to open file.xlsx From SharePoint? OR Error message ” ‘Edit Document’ requires a Windows SharePoint Services-compatible application.” OR Error message…


How to disable Screen Clipping in OneNote 2010, in all Office Applications or only in one of them

In order to disable the Screen Clipping in Office Applications, you will need to install the Administrative Templates for Office 2010: You can download them from – Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool download Please download the version (32-bit or 64-bit) according  to Office client architecture (32bit or 64bit)….


Proofing Tools Kit deployment to a multilingual environment – Do’s and Don’ts

Picture the following scenario: you need to roll out a Proofing Tools for Office to a multilingual organization, with various branch offices throughout the world. What is the best solution in this case? The answer is the Proofing Tools Kit for Office. It contains spelling and grammar checkers, thesauruses, and AutoCorrect lists that help users…

Microsoft Office problems that affect Nordic clients in particular

Below you can find a list of the most common problems that Microsoft Support has seen affect Nordic clients in particular, in recent Office versions. There may of course be other more common issues, but they would not be Nordic specific like these are: Various issues in Swedish Office 2003 that appear directly after Service Pack 3…

Office 2010 printing errors with Calibri font: an alternative

  This blog post presents an alternative solution to the issue described in the KB article 2592142.   Symptom Consider the following scenario: Client computers that print through a print server using Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 as a platform may encounter printing errors or incorrect output when they have an Office 2010 application installed….


Office 2010 – Deploying custom fonts across all applications

In an enterprise environment, you may want to customize your fonts across all Office applications. Here is a list of all Office 2010 applications and the possibility to set the custom font. For WORD, the custom font is customized via the Normal.dotm template, located at %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates. Navigate to this location, right click on the template…


You may receive "Unreadable Content" when opening files from within Excel 2007, if you have a shellstreams.dll file

by Andrei Dikai During November 2012, it has come to our attention that an increasing amount of customers have problems with unexplainable “Unreadable Content” error messages when opening files from within Excel 2007:”Excel found unreadable content in <filename.xslx>. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook,…