EMAT 3.0 is here

If you need more information regarding the problem of "relationships" in an Exchange migration, please check the following page  that will help you to better understand the theory and the problem.

In my Office 365 migrations experience I found 2 main problems:

  • Migrate group of users that are “closed” as permissions
    • Permissions cross-mailboxes only works if source and destination mailbox are on the same organization
  • Re-create permissions when you move from one forest to another:

In the case that one of the “premises” is Office 365, the main problem is the first one, while the second appears only in particular situation where folder permissions where assigned using a SID History.

 Starting from my first migration, BPOS time, I created a set of script to export ALL mailbox/folder/SendAs(AD)/SendOnBehalf permissions.

 Having tons and tons of permissions exported to some CSV file (GBs), I create a tool to cleanup/map the data and to use this data, evaluating the correct groups of mailboxes to migrate to avoid cross-premises permissions issue. To use this set of tools I created a GitHub project where resources are shared.

 The project is published at the following link https://github.com/Microsoft/emat where are also explained briefly the way to export the data and usage.

Exchange Migration Assessment Tool (EMAT) helps to create migration groups based on relationship between mailboxes (Mailbox, AD and Folder Permissions).
Refer to Documentation for up-to-date instructions
Please refer to  Export Process Wiki Page for details about Export Process.
Please refer to  Calculation Process Wiki Page for details about Calculation Process.

See how to build a good blacklist.csv file at the  Blacklist File Wiki Page

Latest tool release can be downloaded HERE

Comments (7)

  1. turbomcp says:

    looks promising
    cant wait for folder perm

    1. Folder Permissions are already evaluated, but you can export them only thru the powershell script and not from the export tool

      1. turbomcp says:

        ill try it

  2. Vaibhav Deshmukh says:

    I have download the EMAT tool available on internet. However it is giving error after running for few minutes.

    “CPP_GetGroupMembershipEFP has stopped working”

    1. Can you please provide the log output? You should find a runtime.log in the folder of the tool after the execution.

      1. Vaibhav Deshmukh says:

        There is no runtime log in the export data tool folder. As the tool is crashing then may be this is the reason for the log not being created.

        1. log file is created also if the tool crash. Please provide more information about the tool you are using and some screenshot. Please use the GitHub to raise an issue. Thanks

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