Elevation Gadget 2.0

In my June 2008 TechNet Magazine article I introduced the Elevation Gadget.  This Windows Sidebar Gadget functioned as drag and drop target to elevate programs, scripts, etc.  Version 2 sports an updated look and can now be enlarged (enlarges when undocked on Windows Vista, enlarges via the Size control on Windows 7). However, the biggest change is the addition of a command box.  Below are a few screen shots.

GadgetSmall      GadgetLargeCmd


You can type directly into the command box.  You can also drag a file to the command box and the path to the file will appear there.  To execute the command, press Enter or click on the Elevation Arrow graphic.  The command box has a 100 line history buffer.  You can cycle through the items in the history using the Up and Down Arrow keys.  To clear the command box, hit the Escape key.

Finally, if you have the Explore as Administrator PowerToy installed you can type:

explore "<drive or folder path>"

to launch the file manager application configured for the Explore as Administrator PowerToy focused on the drive or folder path specified on the command line.

To install the Elevation Gadget 2.0, download Elevate.zip below and rename the file Elevate.gadget.  After renaming, double click on the file to install it.  (If you have the older version installed.  You should uninstall it before installing the new version.)


- Michael Murgolo, Senior Consultant, Microsoft Services, U.S. East Region.

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  1. anony.muos says:

    The Elevation PowerToys are becoming indispensable but growing number of context menu items is becoming a pain to use. Can you please please write a shell extension so these can be grouped together nicely under a cascading context menu?

  2. Paul V,

    It is likely possible to do that.  Until I have the spare time or motivation to do it, I leave that as an exercise for you – the readers.  🙂

    Hint – It would probably involve combining the gadget with the functionality of the Run as Another User PowerToy described here: technet.microsoft.com/…/2008.06.elevation.aspx.

    Michael Murgolo

  3. If you click on the gadget and are not in the cmd box, simply hitting Tab once or twice will put you there.  Let me know if that’s not sufficient.

    As far as writing a shell extension, I’m not what you would call a real developer.  (I am an infrastructure consultant who writes a lot of scripts.)  I don’t know how to write true shell extensions and don’t have the cycles to learn that.  I suggest you install them all for a while, figure out which ones you really use, and then uninstall the rest.

  4. anony.muos says:

    The cmd line is very useful. Thanks. However can you make some hotkey to switch to the command line in the gadget or make the cmdline area larger? Currently, I have to accurately position the mouse cursur in the text box to type the cmd line. Dragging and dropping isn’t of much use on Windows 7 as unlike Quick launch, the new taskbar removed the ability to drag pinned programs above the taskbar and I prefer to keep my desktop clean.

  5. Paul V says:

    This gadget would be even more useful it the gadget would execute using domaindomain admin account.

    Is that possible – say, code the gadget to prompt user a domainusername and password so that anything dropped in the gadget runs under that account?

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