Menu of the day: online archive served with retention policy and litigation hold (scented with seasonal cross-premises flavors and recoverable items notes)

As an Exchange Server “chef”, I am frequently asked how these things should be cooked, whether the ingredients can be mixed one to each other and so on. Well… here’s the top secret recipe:     Ingredients: On-premises Mailbox (Exchange 2010/2013/2016) Online Archive (EXO) Retention Policy (with “Move to archive” action) Litigation Hold On  …

How do Retention Policies work under specific scenarios?

Let’s take the following example: We have an Exchange 2010 User who is traveling a lot (Sales person for example). On his Mailbox we have a Retention Policy for 60 days on his Inbox and 2 years on his other Folders. User takes his Outlook offline (traveling). Some of his Emails expire tomorrow for example….