Performance monitor counters for monitoring Named Properties and Replication Identifiers are not available in Exchange 2010

Assume you want to monitor the growth rate of the named properties or replication identifiers in public folders or mailbox databases in Exchange 2010. You would want to follow the steps outlined in this KB article: How to enable additional Exchange information store logging;EN-US;254606 Note: although the mdbperfx.dll exists in Exchange 2010 and the…


Exchange Search Indexing Issues and Proxies or Firewalls

This Blog Post refers to Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. In Exchange 2013 we replaced the Indexing Engine and also the Search Engine so this does not apply for now. In many support cases we have seen issues when not all items are being indexed and as a result also not all are being found…


Exchange and Antiviruses

Many times it has been seen in support that Antiviruses cause all kind of issues. I thought we should also discuss one of them I recently came upon and see how we could resolve it. Let’s take Exchange 2003 for Example and the Sophos Antivirus. This can be the case also with Exchange 2010 or 2013. We…


How do Retention Policies work under specific scenarios?

Let’s take the following example: We have an Exchange 2010 User who is traveling a lot (Sales person for example). On his Mailbox we have a Retention Policy for 60 days on his Inbox and 2 years on his other Folders. User takes his Outlook offline (traveling). Some of his Emails expire tomorrow for example….