Reminders in Exchange 2010 SP1

Just stumbled upon an interessting issue in Exchange 2010.


Consider the following Scenario:


Exchange 2010 + Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007


Organizer creates a Meeting request, his calendar settings in Outlook look like this ( Default Reminders are turned OFF ):




Attendee also has the same Calendar Options configured in Outlook.


When the meeting request arrives at the attendee, we still have a reminder.


This should not be the case. If Organizer and Attendee don’t want to have a reminder, for whatever reason, they shouldn’t get one.


Apparently we had this issue also in Exchange 2007, it was fixed with SP1 Rollup Update 4.;en-us;945854 - A meeting reminder is still active when you configure Outlook to send no reminders to an Exchange Server 2007 user


This was fixed in Exchange 2007 , however , we can also see this in Exchange 2010. 


The solution in Exchange 2007 was this:


After you apply this update rollup, use Notepad to create a file that is named "StoreDriver.config" in the %EXCHINSTALLFOLDER%\bin folder. Make sure that the content of the StoreDriver.config file includes the following text.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>




   <add key="AlwaysSetReminderONAppointment" value="false" />





Testing in my Exchange 2010 Environment showed that we can also can fix this issue using the same steps.


Creating the file described in the Article above, in the %EXCHINSTALLFOLDER%\bin folder on the HUB Servers fixed the issue. when Organizer sets reminder to NONE and Attendee has reminder to NONE, they won’t get a reminder.


This has to be done on all the HUB Transport Servers, Transport service needs to be restarted.


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