Exchange 2010 SP1 summary


Last week the big announce was made here: . Since then a lot of blogs continue to reveal and describe the new features, which will be included in the Exchange 2010 SP1 release. Because some questions were raised by my customers and IT professional, I will try to summarize the most important and public released information’s regarding SP1.

Now fist is definitely the “Archiving and Discovery Enhancements”. In short, archive mailboxes will be able to be consolidating on a different Database and Server. In addition, PST files can be imported now in the Archive Mailbox and Delegate access can be assigned by IT pro. And in addition, Outlook 2007 will be also included as support client for accessing Archive Mailbox. Last but for sure not least we will introduce “the new e-Discovery process, with a new web-based multi-mailbox search” feature. See here for more: and and in the following white paper:

New Tools or improved will be available in the Exchange Management Console and ECP. Let’s see some of them:

-          Retention Policies the successor to the Message Records Management (MRM) technology introduced in Exchange 2007 will be present in EMC. A very interesting article containing more explanations and information’s can be found here:

-          IP address, Alternative witness Server and Alternative witness directory can be specified now through GUI for a DAG. Please see more here: and here

-          Recursive public folder settings management (including permissions) in EMC. Above link and following are great resources:

-          ECP support for RBAC. Se more here:


High Availability was not forgotten as well. Following articles describe the new features:

OWA 2010 SP1 brings back the themes and ActiveSync enhance as well:

Based on the fact that currently SP1 is still in developing I would bet that more surprises are still not public ready yet, but will show up soon. So …stay tuned.


-Please check this link for new informations.

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