Named Properties problems: A workaround

  If you are already familiarized with the named property concept on Exchange 2003…well this usually means that you had to deal with all the trouble it may cause. If not, there are a couple of links that might help you in building an understanding of what we are talking about: To…


Public Folder Replication Tip: Replication Message Size Limit value

When troubleshooting public folder replication one should always keep in mind that the replication process is message based. If you find that you have some problems with the replication of public folders then your troubleshooting efforts should always start with these 2 awesome posts by Bill Long: and . They are pretty comprehensive…


Stub objects remain on source mailbox servers after mailbox move

If you are moving mailboxes between servers in Exchange 2003 SP2 or Exchange 2007 and your clients are Outlook 2007, chances are you’ve already run into this problem before. The KB article 940012 documents this behavior for Exchange 2003 SP2 and a hotfix is available on the same page :   However, even after…


Bulk change advanced properties of internet message format domains – Exchange 2003

In order to bulk enable the options “Allow out of office responses, Allow delivery reports, Allow non-delivery reports, Preserve senders display name on message” (as they are shown in the next figure) in the advanced tab in the properties of all domains you have listed in Internet Message Formats please proceed as follows:    …



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Disconnected mailboxes. Are they true mailboxes or… what?

Let’s imagine this scenario: In an Exchange 2007 organization there is an email address policy that is defined for every Exchange recipient, and some precanned filtering conditions. Everybody knows the theory… The RUS API is called for all the cmdlets that modify the recipients, and the proper matching policies should apply. Now, let’s consider an AD user account…