The ribbon

I know different people feel differently about the ribbon (for those not familiar, check out Office 2007) but I must admit I’m a fan. I have liked it since the first minute I used it. I definitely feel like my productivity is up as a result. I used to have funky issues in Outlook 2003…


ArrayList and Synchronized()…the misleading method

I recently found myself wondering about synchronization when using an ArrayList in managed code. I was building up an ArrayList and iterating through it. Both insertion into and iteration over the list are being done by many threads simultaneously. Naturally, I wanted to ensure my code was thread safe.   I started out by looking…

0 released

Looks like it’s out there. http://www.start.comThe team blogged about this earlier today.


A variety of things…..

So much going on…..Had a week and a half of vacation which was nice. It was nice to get back to see the family, go to a friend’s wedding, and just generally relax.I’m very much on board with this change to the CLR (I guess it’s touching a lot of VS). While I’m still new…


I’ve realized how much I don’t know about Exchange

Lately I’ve been working on some Exchange 2003 related issues here in the EEC (mostly in the performance tuning area). It’s really taught me how much I don’t know about Exchange.I pretend to know a little something about ESE. The reality is, I probably know more than the average teddy bear, but I hardly know much….


Eek, I’m late!

Interested in an AD/MIIS/ADFS talk? There’s an exec chat about to start (SO sorry for the late notice, I meant to post this earlier, but Sunday turned to Tuesday MUCH faster than I thought it would).I have a funny story about how I got this info I’ll post in a little bit, just have to…


Just when I got my Xbox the next one is announced

That’s right, I just ordered an Xbox the other day. I’ve not had one to date, and can say I’ve probably played about a dozen times total. I actually ordered it for the media center extender stuff. I’m not against Xbox, I just don’t play video games. Just not my thing I guess you could…


Sometimes all it takes is an hour in the airport to rethink things

On Friday I traveled from Seattle to the other coast for my brother’s college graduation. While in another aiport along the way (stupid layovers ;)) I heard a conversation that made the whole stop worthwhile.Our flight was late, and it was one of those little puddle jumpers. Most of the travelers were traveling for business…


Nope, sorry, not today…..

Today Dell commented on the rumors around shipping with an AMD chip. In a word, no.Not shocking, but good to hear the yea/nea from the horses mouth rather than the rumor mill.Me? I still don’t mind either way. I like Intel and AMD chips, or anyone that is fast really. I love 64bit, no matter who delivers…


SDL here, there and everywhere

I’ve read quite a bit re: the SDL as of late in the universe.First, we put out this doc which talks about what the SDL is, and how it works.Then, RHensing tells us what his new gig is, and how it involves the SDL.And I’ve since seen a few mentions of it on the and…