Superbowl commercials

I’m not one for the game really, but the commercials are usually a lot of fun to watch. This year was particularly entertaining as a friend took the time to put together a spreadsheet and track what we thought. You know you’re in a good crowd when someone is writing VBA in Excel during the…

Housekeeping (again)

I’ve created a new adamsync tag and updated all of the adamsync posts to point there (in addition to normal tagging). A few people have asked me for this so I figured, what the heck. Apparently people use this blog as an adamsync bootstrapping system…who knew. Maybe I’ll post some more on it with new…

Mr. T likes a double-shot, who knew

I remember watching The A-Team well as a kid. It was my sat evening ritual.Anyway, I read this post about someone bumping in to him in Starbucks and nearly lost it.

The story of squeaky lobster

I am rarely as excited about a blog post as I am about this one. Brett has finally told the story of squeaky lobster. Thankfully, it is documented for all of time!I was at the fateful dinner where it was revealed that a crush was involved. I remember it like it was yesterday…

Housekeeping on categories

I have gone ahead and added a new post category….Windows Live. I have started working for the Windows Live group not too long ago so I figured this was likely a good thing to do. I’ll still blog about AD for the most part (well, “for the most part” of not much is likely still…

MVP summit has come and gone, but definitely left an impact

Last week was just crazy.During the first part of the week I found myself working on a multitude of things. Nothing special to note.Thurs/Fri/Sat (yes, I work weekends ;)) I spent mostly with MVPs at this year’s MVP Summit. All in all, I like the event. I get to talk to a smart group of…

A record!

Just paid 2.999 per gallon for gas. My first time paying ~$3 per gallon!I’m going to keep the receipt. I feel like I’ll want to remember this moment when we hit $4/gallon.


MSNBC podcasts….who knew!

Hey Jeff (my manager) it seems you’re not the only one podcasting around here. MSNBC is doing it too. Just stumbled across that today.


So distracted….

Lately, I’ve been so distracted. I have a lot of EEC engagements coming up, one having just wrapped up (though still a few tasks to work on) and a few big ones coming over the next few weeks. Some posts forthcoming on that work, I hope. I have a few projects that I’m working on,…

Got a chance to get to the bloggers meeting at Crossroads…..

I saw the Scoble post on the event down at Crossroads, and just felt the need to check it out. It was my first bloggers meeting of sort, and I really had no idea what to expect. 🙂All in all, very cool. There were a nice mix of people there….a few from MS, largely non-MS….