A record!

Just paid 2.999 per gallon for gas. My first time paying ~$3 per gallon!I’m going to keep the receipt. I feel like I’ll want to remember this moment when we hit $4/gallon.


A variety of things…..

So much going on…..Had a week and a half of vacation which was nice. It was nice to get back to see the family, go to a friend’s wedding, and just generally relax.I’m very much on board with this change to the CLR (I guess it’s touching a lot of VS). While I’m still new…

MSNBC podcasts….who knew!

Hey Jeff (my manager) it seems you’re not the only one podcasting around here. MSNBC is doing it too. Just stumbled across that today.


AWE in WOW64 on x64

Here in the EEC, was asked a good question the other day, thought I’d pass it along. So the scenario is that the engagement in question was to run SQL 2000 SP4 on a box running Win2k3 x64 Enterprise Edition. The server had a good chunk of RAM (I think 8GB, but it might have…


Another random AD change in SP1

The other day over on activedir it was mentioned that in SP1 we added sidHistory to the list of attributes preserved on tombstones. I thought I’d mention this here, and provide some clarity around what actually changed, since there was some confusion around what we did and how we did it.In looking at tombstone reanimation,…


"Brett" Unplugged – Still no posts

I thought I’d follow up our last post with a quick update as to Brett’s foray in to the blogging world.Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a few areas of motion:- We’ve had some further category refinement. This should come as no surprise, categories are the fundamental stumbling block.- A little bit of…


I’ve realized how much I don’t know about Exchange

Lately I’ve been working on some Exchange 2003 related issues here in the EEC (mostly in the performance tuning area). It’s really taught me how much I don’t know about Exchange.I pretend to know a little something about ESE. The reality is, I probably know more than the average teddy bear, but I hardly know much….

So distracted….

Lately, I’ve been so distracted. I have a lot of EEC engagements coming up, one having just wrapped up (though still a few tasks to work on) and a few big ones coming over the next few weeks. Some posts forthcoming on that work, I hope. I have a few projects that I’m working on,…

On identity futures….

Kim Cameron has been blogging up a storm on identity futures in MS products. It’s always interesting to think in to the future. Most of my work focuses around today and today++, not nearly as much in to the distant future, but I’m glad someone is looking out there. 🙂InfoCard is a super interesting product…

Eek, I’m late!

Interested in an AD/MIIS/ADFS talk? There’s an exec chat about to start (SO sorry for the late notice, I meant to post this earlier, but Sunday turned to Tuesday MUCH faster than I thought it would).I have a funny story about how I got this info I’ll post in a little bit, just have to…