ADAMSync on pre-R2 systems

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You say the requirements are Win2003R2 with the ADAM installed from the R2 CD.
Will your guides work for us aswell? Running Win2003 SP1 in AD-environment and our developers are running standard Windows XP with the ADAM downloaded from MS download site?
Good question! From a technical perspective, pointing ADAMSync at a pre-R2 ADAM is totally ok. And of course, syncing from an AD that has no DCs running R2 is a non-issue. We didn't take any dependency on anything in R2. That said, the following should be noted:
1) To the best of my knowledge, pointing at a pre-R2 ADAM is not an explicitly tested scenario. So perhaps there is some issue lurking here we're not aware of. I would categorize this as "exceptionaly unlikely", but I guess you never know.
2) There might be licensing ramafications to using ADAMSync if you don't use it on an R2 box. I'm not a licensing guy, nor do I play one on TV. I would recommend asking a licensing person this question.


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  1. I was just thinking about the same question today, i’m planning to use ADAM for my provisioning system, to provice friendly name of objects such mailbox stores, mapping departments to OUs etc, I’m going to test this on a none R2 box as soon i get time, hoppfully i get some time later this week.

  2. troublemaker... says:

    What?? 50 or so days without a post and you just jump into something like this. Thought Brett had converted you to a non-posting blogger.

  3. efleis says:

    He’s working on it. 🙂

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