ADAMSync can also transform users in to proxy users

Now that we have ADAMSync synchronizing our data over, we should probably investigate the most commonly asked for transformation: proxy user transformation.When we introduced proxy bind in ADAM RTM, customers seemed to really connect with the semantic. If anything, I’d argue we have customers overusing proxy bind! But that’s a conversation for another day.However, the…


Synchronizing only the attributes you really want

In our previous ADAMSync runs we synchronized all attributes except those in the <exclude> tags. This is probably ok for our tinkering, but in a real scenario, you might want to consider picking those you want instead of getting everything but those you say not to.Why? Well, consider the costs. If you synchronize everything, you’re…


Syncing to our OU=SyncTargetOU NC instead

Earlier in this series of posts I changed our sync target from form “OU=” to “DC=”. This was done to carefully skirt around a small issue. Now with our new found knowledge of logging in ADAMSync, let’s give it another try.So let’s go ahead in to our previous config file and change this line:     <target-dn>dc=SyncTargetDC</target-dn> To…


Getting a log from ADAMSync

Over the course of the next few posts we’re going to start modifying all sorts of things in the configuration. Depending upon the particulars of your environment this might or might not pan out. 🙂 As such, we should probably take a quick look at the logging available before we break anything too badly.When you…

Configuring and running ADAMSync for the first time

So now that our ADAM schema is ready, we can go ahead and start configuring ADAMSync.We need to do three things to get ADAMSync running at this point:1) Modify the XML file. The XML file is used as the configuration point for ADAMSync, so we’ll tweak this file to have the settings we desire.2) Install the XML…


Gotta get the schema right first

Before trying to synchronize much of anything, we need to make sure the required schema elements are in place.NOTE: I would estimate that around a third of all questions I’ve received on ADAMSync came back to schema problems. It is critically important that the schema be configured properly.For ADAMSync to properly synchronize your data, there…


ADAMSync in R2 – a new sync option

Welcome R2 RC0! As you might have heard, it’s hit the streets. With R2 comes the latest version of ADAM.ADAM has been a download from since 2003. Since that time, based in part on customer feedback, the decision was made to bundle ADAM in to the OS as an optional install. For those of… released

Looks like it’s out there. http://www.start.comThe team blogged about this earlier today.