A record!

Just paid 2.999 per gallon for gas. My first time paying ~$3 per gallon!
I'm going to keep the receipt. I feel like I'll want to remember this moment when we hit $4/gallon.

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  1. EEC says:

    Good thing you are well paid and never drive


  2. mpoulson says:

    I look forward to $5.00+/gallon so all those people to have BIG SUVs really feel the pinch.

  3. Marc says:

    Welcome to the real world! Here in Switzerland, we’re currently paying around $4.90 a gallon….. you should consider yourself LUCKY to pay less than $3 !!!

  4. Henrik says:

    Well, here in Denmark the prize at the moment is 7,5$ a gallon.

  5. efleis says:

    While I feel for the industries hurt as a result of rising gas prices (and there are many I know, even some you’d never think would feel the pinch) I am not at all upset to see people drive less and/or buy more fuel efficient cars.

  6. You’re trying to rub it in, right?

    In the UK we pay £0.92 per litre!! Now there’s 3.78 litres in a gallon, which makes that about £3.48 a gallon – $6.25!!!

    Ugghhh! I can’t even afford a new car! 😉

    Great blog by the way!

  7. Adi Oltean says:

    I paid more than $3 on the north side of California (US 101). We’ll see how it goes…

  8. Joe says:

    I paid $3.12 for premium yesterday. I wasn’t thrilled but it isn’t terribly upsetting. When it first jumped from $1.10 to $1:50 and settled back to $1.25 I saw the trend coming. Punp it up crazy like, then settle back to something considerably higher than before but not as crazy and people will be like, "this is much better"…

    As I filled the 34 gallon tank in my Dodge Ram 2500 I started thinking, man this is really going to impact the farmers and small businesses in this country something fierce, in fact, it could put some out of business or cause them to get more money out of the government so we can pay more taxes to bail them out. It will also hit us again as we start getting hit with the fees that the trucking companies start feeding back to the retail outlets and such. I certainly wouldn’t wish this on anyone because it is just going to come back and bite everyone, including the person wishing it upon others.

    Then I went back and filled the 20 gallon tank in my Jeep Wrangler and was thinking, too bad I didn’t live in one of those small European/ British countries that are as small as or smaller than the states in this country where they have lots of mass transit to get you around any way.

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