Got a chance to get to the bloggers meeting at Crossroads…..

I saw the Scoble post on the event down at Crossroads, and just felt the need to check it out. It was my first bloggers meeting of sort, and I really had no idea what to expect. 🙂

All in all, very cool. There were a nice mix of people there….a few from MS, largely non-MS. Of the non-MS contingency, we had a few local bloggers and a few MSN Search Champs. The search champs were in town from all over, and it was really cool to hear about them and what they do. There was some podcasting, but since I still don’t totally get the medium, I probably don’t have much to say about that other than the fact that it was there.

I particularly liked being able to mingle and chat with a group of people that was largely technical. While not in my area per se, they all were super knowledgeable in their respective spaces and I got to hear a lot about a few different areas (MSN search & streaming media mainly). I also met one guy in my space (sorta)….Marc Orchant….who told me quite a bit about the product they make for secure shell-type access to a server. I know almost nothing about it, but I plan on doing some reading.

There was also a lot of chatting about blogging as a medium, and more generally adding RSS feeds to…well….everything! 🙂 Ok not literally everything, but a lot of things. Like marketing websites even. I was all about it. I’ve not been part of a conversation like that before. I guess I don’t travel in the right circles. Yet. 🙂

So all in all, a good first blogging social event. I plan on attending a second.

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