Man, I wish we had this feature……

Sometimes I just thirst for a feature someone else has.

In talking with an MVP on the phone tonight we got to talking about ESE, and chatted a bit about the new ECC feature introduced in Exchange 2003 SP1 to help with -1018's. Info on it is here if you're interested.

I sure do wish we had that in AD. One day.....

Comments (3)

  1. Guido5 says:

    to quote youself: "Today’s not that day. Tomorrow’s not looking good either." 😉

    I often have that thought rgd. wishing Windows had this feature – especially when comparing NDS with AD or the Novell FS with NTFS…

  2. Lee Flight says:

    It’s a nice feature, I just wish any of the database loses I have had post SP1 had been

    single-bit :). So the Exchange Team are moving ESE on and I guess will continue to do

    so as Exchange 12 is ESE based, how has ESE under AD/ADAM evolved? Did SIS of SDs require ESE surgery or was it just another table?

  3. Eric Fleischman says:

    Guido: Well we’ve got the new feature coming in SP1 for the file system ACL enhancement, so that’s a start. 🙂

    Lee: Nope, just a table. Nothing too fancy, short of perhaps the algorithms to use it effectively.

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