It’s all about the little things

I love little things. Here is one I noticed this morning.   Go ahead and empty your recycle bin. Now create and delete two files, then go to empty the bin again. Note that it says “would you like to delete these 2 files”.   Ok, now empty the bin, and only delete one file….


Constructed attributes are your friend

The schema itself has a whole lot of interesting nuances. Within the schema we define multiple different types of attributes. One of the most useful attribute types we have might just be the constructed attribute.   Constructed attributes are interesting in that they aren’t a single value in the database which is read and returned….


In Redmond, working on a series of posts

In seeing some MVPs I got insipred to work on a few posts for some much needed topics. First up, attribute types (constructed, operational) and other things about them (indexing and such). It’s been a good day of meeting people, and having meetings with other people that I already knew. Technical posts forthcoming….. (tonight or…