Random thoughts on a Friday

Random thoughts on a Friday.


Last night I ordered a new computer on which I will be running Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005. I’ve never owned any sort of personal digital video recorder, so I’m pretty excited. And I’m ready to play MS Flight Simulator 2004 on it too. 🙂

(I heard the update to FS 2004 is pretty cool, but haven’t seen it myself yet)


There’s been lots of talk about reboots on PCs automatically after pulling down an updates. Comments from different ‘folks have been abundant, such as Scoble and Matt Mullenweg (who commented on Scoble’s blog). If you’ve hit this we would like to hear about it, this should not be happening.


RSS is spreading. MSNBC now has an RSS feed. Actually, a bit more than a dozen of them. I love when news sites get RSS feeds, it’s just so convenient.


Michael Howard posted on IIS6 vs. Apache2 security defects figures. It’s interesting to see people looking at the numbers like this. I’m not very involved in that part of the world, but I like to peak in.


It was a really busy week. I’m ready to get some sleep this weekend. I’ll post some longer stuff over the weekend time permitting.

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