Flight Simulator 2004 rocks (part 1)

I suspect I’ll post on FS 2004 multiple times, hence the “part 1” in the title. It really deserves attention, this thing is cool. And that’s coming from a guy who owned zero video games a couple of days ago (I have played them in the past, but haven’t purchased one in quite some time)….


Thank you server may I have another thousand

Today I spent several hours working on an issue with ranged retrieval when I realized, many people probably don’t know what it is! Let me explain.   In Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) some people have attributes that have *many* values in them. Thousands. Sometimes more.   Imagine a scenario where you are reading…


Random thoughts on a Friday

Random thoughts on a Friday.   Last night I ordered a new computer on which I will be running Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005. I’ve never owned any sort of personal digital video recorder, so I’m pretty excited. And I’m ready to play MS Flight Simulator 2004 on it too. 🙂 (I heard the…


Another SP2 issue post…..

Earlier today Raymond posted on an issue that I’ve seen several of myself, so I thought it wise to link to it from yet another place.In a nutshell, you receive the error: “Explorer.EXE – Entry Point Not Found – The procedure entry point SHCreateThreadRef could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll” If…


Uniqueness in the schema….what a pain!

For a variety of reasons, several elements of the schema in AD and ADAM must be defined as globally unique. For example, Object Identifiers (OIDs) are assigned by a central authority, and everyone needs to have a unique OID for every element in their schema. When you purchase applications that extend the schema, the application…


These are a few of my favorite tools (part 1)

Often times people ask what sorts of tools and logging we use, and why we use them. I thought I’d share a few with y’all. These are some of the ones I find myself using more than most. I’m sure I’m forgetting some key ones, but I’ll revisit this topic I’m sure.     Server…


Highly available ADAM

I thought I’d post on ADAM once more before moving on to something new. Once you get me started on something, it’s tough for me to switch gears!   One of the most common questions I’m asked about ADAM is “how do we deploy highly-available LDAP/LDAPS?” In AD, people often rely upon DC discovery (connect…


On ADAM user authentication….

I just noticed that Doug Lawty has a blog, and that he recently posted on ADAM as well. I think Doug is spot on with some of his conclusions, I also feel the need to clarify the statements made along the way a bit. 🙂   > Kerberos (Remember, ldap binds send your password in the clear.)  …


Who is that ADAM guy, and why should I let him in?

So, it’s pretty well understood what Active Directory (AD) is. Since we shipped Windows 2000 several years ago, we’ve been putting information out there on what AD is, how you use it, how it benefits you, and why you should use it for as much integration as you can. I think AD sells itself to…


I love when I find a helpful tool on download.microsoft.com….

There are few tools I would say that I use *every* day. This is one of them.ERR.exe is a tool I use all the time to look up error codes. When someone gives me an error code, the first thing I do is toss it in err so I know what I’m looking at. For…