SCOM 2007 – CPU spikes after installing the Dell Management Pack.

Management Packs are often upgraded or modified without us knowing it.  In this case the MOM Backwards Compatibility pack v.6.5000.00 and the Dell Management pack v1.0 were the packs currently installed on the SCOM server.

After removing the Dell management Pack the CPU spikes disappeared. 


  1. Installed the OpsMgr 2007 MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility Update v.6.0.5000.12 which included the System Center Internal Library v.6.5000.16 

  2. Reviewing the Dell website - Installed the Dell Management Pack v.3.0 -

Please remember :  With step one, once you download and run the .MSI, this will only extract the new MP's to a folder on the servers hard drive.  You must then import the new MP's to make them available.

If you are not sure whether the Management Packs imported correctly or not:

  1. Open the SCOM Console

  2. Select Administration - if the option is not available it is also the yellow "gear" icon on the bottom left-hand side

  3. Double click Administration

  4. Double click Management Packs

  5. The Management Packs currently installed with their installed version numbers will appear on the right-hand side.

How do I import newer Mangement Packs?

  1. Open Administration in the Adminstration console

  2. Rt-click Mangement Packs

  3. Browse to the folder the new management packs were extracted to.

  4. Select all of the new MP's listed in the folder - select open

  5. The Import Management Packs window will appear.

  6. Select the "import" button at the bottom of the Import Management Pack window

  7. The import process will begin.

  8. If it was successful you will see a green check appear next to the Management Pack name.

  9. Select close

  10. Refresh the SCOM Console.

  11. Check the Management Pack version once again.

If an MP has already been installed you will see a message returned stating that fact. 



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