Error 85010014 when using ActiveSync

Interesting case..... any user that was created with a template through the SBS Add User Wizard would receive the following error when trying to use Active-sync, "Error 85010014".  However if you created a user directly in AD Users and Computers, that account could synchronize without an issue.  Experienced the same problem when creating test users with each of the different templates.  Must be a template issue.... right?? ......Well

Let me give you some additional information 

  • The device the CX was using was a Palm Treo 700.

  • SBS Server 2003 SP1 - Exchange SP1

Rule #1 - When troubleshooting Active-sync, especially Mobile 5 technology always insure that Exchange SP2 is installed.  this update has alot of fixes that revolve around active-sync.

The issue actually turned out to be an IIS issue.

Open IIS - Open websites - click on Default Website.  The paths of the sub-sites will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

The Exchange-Oma path should match the Exchange path in order for synchronization to work.  I copied the Exchange-Oma path out to notepad, and then copied the path from the Exchange path into the Exchange-Oma path in IIS.  Ran iisreset, tested synchronization again and it worked.



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  1. Arne Lovius says:


    I’m struggling to understand how makingthe change to the OMA site changed Active Sync, and how creating the users in ADUC was different to via the wizard.


  2. edwalt says:

    The exchange virtual server should point to the actual location of users mailboxes in the exchange database.  The location is usually set by the default recipient policy that is applied to the email domain.  This is also the mailbox location where email is delivered when it is sent to a user in this domain.

    Exchange-Oma points to the mailbox path users are trying to synchronize devices to.  Since the users default email location is technically the same in both cases, both of these paths should be the same as well.

    So when the user tried to access email via Activesync, using Exchange-Oma, he was redirected to the wrong mailbox path.  When Activesync queried the domain.local for the mailbox location, and the mailbox actually resided in the path. The error was triggered.

    Once I modified the Exchange-Oma path to point to the true location of the users mailbox,  Exchange-Oma was then able to locate the mailbox and access the users email.  Does this help?

  3. shahid says:

    That was an amazing explanation. Thanks for educating.

  4. Jose says:

    Hi Edwalt,

    I am having the same problem with Active Sync  using Exchange 2003…. I followed your directions and am still having the same issues (85010014)

    Your explanation did make sense to me, but I was hoping there was another solution for this.

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