SharePoint Service Pack 2 installation screen disappears during installation.

SharePoint Service Pack 2 installation screen disappears during installation.


  • Start the Service Pack installation.

  • The installation screen disappears.

  • The Service pack fails to install.

  • No errors are generated.

The intial reason for the consultants call:

What was interesting is that the call we received from the field initially had to do with the intranet installation failing during reinstall.  The symptoms were similar to the intranet failures that can occur when the CD3 media is old and has the old file in the installation.  Hence the need for the 832880 download.

When looking through the installation logs there were 2 logs that gave a clue on what the issue may be:

Errorlog.txt returned:

[06/23/06,16:15:32] Intranet: [2] Failed to grant db rights to sts worker

Wmsde.log returns:

=== Logging stopped: 6/23/2006 15:39:51 ===

MSI (c) (2C:0C) [15:39:51:050]: Note: 1: 1708

MSI (c) (2C:0C) [15:39:51:050]: Product: Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine -- Installation operation failed.

After thoroughly checking the machine and not finding anything wrong, we decided to run Windows Update to insure the machine was fully patched.  We noticed the SharePoint Service Pack 2 had not been installed.  We tried to install the SP but during the installation the installation screen disappeared.  No errors.  Hmmmmmmmm...

Looking for a source of the issue/s we then downloaded Regmon from and ran the tool while attempting to install the Service Pack again.

Regmon showed the installation failing on the registry key listed below.  After checking the registry, the key was already in place.  We exported then removed the key, ran the INTRANET installation once again, and the INTRANET installed without incident. We then followed the Intranet installation with the Service Pack installation and it completed as well.  The registry key in question was:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Components 85B360AC3C1618D41AF76BD385B51547]"9040411900073D11C8EF10054038389C"="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions\\60\\ISAPI\\OWSSVR.DLL"

It appears this key is an issue in instances where SharePoint SP2 was attempted but the installation was stopped failed.  After talking to the customer more in depth, he said the initial issue was with the SP2 installation, but he thought that the Intranet component maybe corrupt, in turn the reason for the uninstall of the intranet.


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