Backing Up and Restoring Http://Companyweb using the STSADM.exe command-line utility. KB829112

  How do I backup Companyweb if I do not have a full version of SQL installed? When dealing with Companyweb database issues, this is a very common question. Unfortunately the conversation usually takes place after replacement SharePoint databases cannot be accessed or the data found in these databases is missing or corrupt. Often the…


SCOM 2007 – Server Error in ‘/’ Application. Access to the registry key ‘Global’ is denied

You see the following error “Server Error in ‘/’ Application. Access to the registry key ‘Global’ is denied” when opening the Web Console in SCOM 2007.   This can also sometimes be seen with the word “Error” only.   Symptoms: The console works initially, but after a few hours, days or weeks, the console returns the error….


Unexpected UI errors in WSUS

There have been several questions/calls concerning issues with opening the WSUS UI after downloading the last update.  Here’s the nitty…   Unexpected UI errors in WSUS Hi Folks, We have been hearing reports from some customers who use WSUS that they have been having trouble accessing their administration consoles. We have confirmed the cause…


SCE 2007 – System Center Essentials post RTM Hotfix Rollup released to the Web

  This post comes from:   Please visit the link for additional information and screen-shots…. Thanks Clive!!!!!!!!!   In an aid to specifically resolve the issue (The installation of System Center Essentials 2007 fails during the Reporting part of Setup and the following information is logged: “The specified domain does not exist or cannot…


SCOM2007 – Login failed for user ‘<Account name>’.

When selecting option for Reports within the SCOM Reporting Console – it returns the error: Login failed for user ‘ <Account name>’.   Solution: Open the SCOM Console – Administration – Security – Run-As Accounts Data Warehouse SQL Server Authentication Account – Account tab The Account name: Should be blank – You will see “………………….”…


SCE 2007 – Client Computers return "Not Yet Contacted".

  This error can be triggered by several different issues: 1. The Client Firewall is enabled. Ports needed: TCP Ports: 8530, 8531, 5723, 51906, 135, 445, 139 UDP Ports: 137, 138.  These ports are necessary for client installation and basic communication between SCE clients and the SCE server. 2. Automatic Updates Service is disabled on…


SCOM 2007 – Error’s installing OpsMgr 2007 Agent on remote DC

Error’s installing SCOM 2007 Agent on remote DC.  The installation is returning the following errors: Event Type:    ErrorEvent Source:    LoadPerfEvent Category:    NoneEvent ID:    3013Date:        7/7/2007Time:        3:38:01 PMUser:        N/AComputer:     <COMPUTERNAME>Description:Unable to update the performance counter strings of the 009 language ID. The Win32 status returned by the call is the first DWORD in Data section.Data:0000: 20…


SCE 2007 – Installation returns the error "The selected SQL Reporting Server instance is not configured".

In this scenario the error is returned very early in the installation.  After selecting the report server/instance the following error is returned: The selected SQL Reporting Server instance is not configured.To continue with setup, you must first configure the SQL Reporting Server instance using SQL Server’s Reporting Services Configuration Manager. has occurred   SCEsetup.log:CheckHttpAddressResponse: WebException…


SCOM 2007 – How to install Audit Collection Reports

Installing Audit Collection Reports   Create: Create a folder on the server hosting Audit Reporting – C:\TOOLS\AUDIT REPORTS\ACS on the Operations Server (or the server that will be hosting the Audit Reporting) Copy: Uploadauditreports.cmd, Models Folder and Reports folders from the System Center Operations Manager 2007 CD (located at ReportModels\ACS\) copy them into the folder that was…