Curious Greg builds a lab Part IV

Today Curious Greg is going to Houston to visit the Johnson Space Center. Before he leaves he wanted to share the final configuration pieces to the hybrid lab. When we last left the lab we configured our virtual directories. Today we will start with address policy. From the on-premises hybrid server open the Exchange Management…


Curious Greg builds a Lab–Part III

  The yellow man in the hat has been breathing down on me lately to continue my exploits. Today I’ll cover how we setup trusts and start to configure a hybrid Exchange environment. In my lab I have a CAS/HT server and a MBX server both are Exchange 2010 SP1 RU5. From our previous discussion…

Curious Greg builds a Lab–Part II

In part II of our series I’ll be discussing Directory Synchronization (DirSync). This is where Curious Greg can get into a lot of mischief. See with DirSync everything in the connected on-premises forest is synchronized to the cloud.       Activating Dirsync. 1. Go to 2. Log on using your administrator credentials. 3….


Curious Greg builds a Lab–Part I

I remember as a kid those days I would read Curious George and wonder how did he end up there. Well usually the man in the yellow hat had something to do with that. I don’t have a man in the yellow hat but I starting thinking about helping customers (not starting mischief) and I…