Synchronize passwords for federated users to reduce downtime in case of an emergency

Office 365 now supports Password Synchronization as a temporary backup for Single Sign-On (federation). From the TechNet Wiki, “At General Availability, the Password Synchronization feature did not support the synchronization of passwords for users in a Federated namespace. We have recently updated the service code to allow this. This enables the added possibility of running Password Sync while…


Where can I learn and prepare for the new Office 365 Education?

We just launched the new Office 365 Education suite last week so you might be asking where can I learn about the new offering from an Office 365 Administrator/IT perspective or where can I find new tools to help me onboard?  We have just added some new readiness tools and training content which I have…


User soft-delete and Dirsync filtering enabled

A huge request I get from my education customers deploying Office 365 for Education is how do you filter out OUs, Domains or users from a Dirsync Appliance?  The answer prior to this week was you could enable filtering within Dirsync however it was in an unsupported manner.     Great news now that soft-delete has…


DirSync Now Supports Filtering

Early adopters of Office 365 for education will know that the DirSync tool that you can deploy to synchronise your local Active Directory with Office 365 did not allow you to filter the objects that are synchronised (i.e. by OU, user attribute or domain). The good news is that this has changed, and you can…


Service Update: Sender Photo Enabled by Default

Here’s a preview of the new Sender Photo feature that is enabled by default for all Outlook Live and Exchange Online users after the December 2011 Service Update. We’ve included some guidance on how to configure Sender Photo and how to disable it (in case a school requires that it be disabled). In the screenshots…


64-bit Directory Synchronization tool available for download from Office 365 Portal

If you are planning to deploy the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool (DirSync) for synchronization from Active Directory to Office 365, then we have some important news for you. There’s a 32-bit DirSync client AND a 64-bit DirSync client available for download at the Office 365 Portal!   Download the Directory Synchronization tool (DirSync)…


A few customer questions about Office 365

  These are a few questions from a university in Washington state looking to move faculty, staff and students to Office 365: Can I have an AD domain of university.local  and use Federated ID (Single Sign On) with Office 365? Yes, provided you leverage an Internet routable domain for your UPN suffix.  For example university.local…


What type of hardware do I need for a Dirsync server?

  This was a question asked by a community college customer deploying Office 365 for Education near Seattle.    Dirsync server syncs AD user objects, groups, contacts to Office 365. User objects are synced as MSO IDs and all mail enabled objects are synced to Exchange Online.   What server hardware do I need for…


Curious Greg builds a Lab–Part II

In part II of our series I’ll be discussing Directory Synchronization (DirSync). This is where Curious Greg can get into a lot of mischief. See with DirSync everything in the connected on-premises forest is synchronized to the cloud.       Activating Dirsync. 1. Go to 2. Log on using your administrator credentials. 3….