How do I start a trial of Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection?

Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is now available for Education customers. ATP extends the email protection provided by Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to also guard against previously unknown threats with behavioral analysis and real-time protection through the use of Safe Links and Safe Attachments. One of our early adopter schools reported hundreds of instances of malware being caught by ATP per day! To find out more about ATP read the ATP service description and watch the ATP overview video by Shobhit Sahay.

To get started with a trial of ATP follow this process:

1. In the Office 365 Admin Center  click on  “Purchase Services” in the left Navigation of the Admin Portal

2. Expand the “Add-On Subscriptions” section and click “Start Free Trial” for “Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection for Faculty”


3. NOTE- if the “Add-On Subscriptions” section is missing you must first “purchase” a $0 base license. Add a minimum of one “Office 365 Education for Faculty/Students” OR “Exchange Online plan 2” license first. Choose the annual commitment option to avoid being prompted for a credit card.

4. Once you’ve added the licenses to you tenant, you can set up ATP Safe Links and Safe Attachments policies.     

Comments (4)

  1. Jan Groenen says:

    Hi, The safe attachments within ATP is great but it also delay the delivery of the mails up till about 10-12 minutes. Will Microsoft enhance this so the delivery will be faster in the near future?

    It would be great if you could create a white list on sender side. Now you only have the option to set not to use this functionality on the receive side and not on the sender side. Per example we have a Scanning device which is sending a mail with the scan (attachment) to our users. It would be very helpful if we could exclude the scanner or maybe even exclude all internal sent mail?

    1. Steve Faehl says:

      The delay has been reduced significantly since launch and we have a new Dynamic Delivery feature currently in preview as well that delivers the body of the message while detonating the attachment. You can set up an Exchange Transport Rule to exclude certain senders from Safe Attachments functionality. To skip Safe Attachments processing set a message header of:
      X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SkipSafeAttachmentProcessing to the value ‘ ‘ and set up a filter to scope the application of the setting based on address, IP, group membership, etc.

  2. Amr Nassar says:

    I did the above as trial but I’m not able to find ATP under my license to allow me to assign license to any accounts.
    However I’m able to see it in my active license.

    1. Steve Faehl says:

      Currently the ATP license does not need to be applied per user but is controlled through scopes on the Safe Links and Safe Attachments policies.

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