New OneDrive for Business roadmap

Some great announcements from the Ignite conference last week coming to OneDrive for Business. The good news is the OneDrive for Business roadmap appears to cover quite a bit of areas around improving reliability, performance, configuration, better features, better security, removing limits, and consolidating sync clients for OneDrive.


What was announced that is potentially slated for a future release?

  • Selective Sync – selectively select and unselect what you want to sync locally


  • Merging the Consumer OneDrive Sync and OneDrive for Business Sync clients into one client
  • Reliable Sync

OneDrive consumer sync protocol is now used for OneDrive for Business, sync scale, sync repair


Other key things which are potentially slated:

  • 20,000 file limit is being removed
  • 10GB file upload and sync
  • Diskspace is no longer double caching (sync storage space same as file sizes)
  • Install size Sync reduction – 10s MBs now down from 1.2 GB
  • Block personal sync from managed device
  • Block unmanaged sync from an unmanaged device
  • Migrate existing users to new sync client seamlessly


When can I get this new client?

TAP program is slated for September and RTM slated for end of the year (Q4) for both PC and Mac


Where can I watch these Ignite OneDrive for Business roadmap sessions?

There are two great sessions from the OneDrive for Business team - Rueben Krippner here and Jason Moore here.

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  1. markga says:

    @Sean – Yes, drive mapping was not mentioned in those sessions but it has been raised numerous times so they have awareness around it. As of right now, there are a few useful 3rd party OneDrive for Business drive mapping products or you can check out a
    few OneDrive drive mapping samples I posted on my other post here:

  2. markga says:

    @markustr – I didn’t see it mentioned in the session so I am not sure.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Update 5-11-15: Great new roadmap information. Please see the OneDrive for Business roadmap post here

  4. Sean says:

    Any word on a solution for those EDU clients like us that have many lab/shared computers where sync isn’t really an option. Our users (especially students) tend to not use the same computer throughout the day but still need access to their files through
    Windows Explorer as we have old/antiquated apps that rely on a link appearing through Windows Explorer.

    I added a thought to the uservoice site about this as well but was hoping someone might know if there’s anything happening in that specific use-case.

  5. markustr says:

    According to the post the limit of 20’000 files will be slated. This is obviously the limit imposed on the OneDrive for Business Library. What I am unsure about is the limit of 5’000 files of the old client when synchronizing a SharePoint Site Library.
    Is this limit also gone with the new version?

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Recent Releases and Announcements   SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 is now available http://blogs

  8. Zach says:

    This is awesome news, But End of year? so far away 🙁

  9. Johannes says:

    Any info/update about the ODFB mobile clients for any mobile os (Windows/Android/iOS)?

  10. Guillaume says:

    My local Microsoft representative tells me that there’s no TAP for OneDrive for Business. How shall we proceed to join the program? Thanks

  11. AL says:

    Will the new OD4B Sync client be claims aware?

  12. sgislain says:

    Is there any word on whether most of these (the 20k limit in particular) new features also be made available for OneDrive for Personal? Can we assume it will.. I’m actually deciding whether to go with a competitor now or wait till the end of the year for
    Microsoft to fix the ugly 20k limit

  13. markga says:

    @Johannes – those clients already exist for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – download them now and you have access to both Consumer and Business in one client. @ Guillaume – not sure if the TAP is launched yet. @ AL – yes, it will support Oauth 2.0. @
    Seb – OneDrive consumer already has this. OneDrive for Business will have this. There are only two options.

  14. alex says:

    Mark, thanks for the update. Do you know if the selective sync will be the same for other devices (e.g. phones and tablets) as the auto sync could use a lot of the storage space on those devices?

  15. BramG says:

    Can’t wait for the 20.000 items limit to be removed. What a joke this has been for a professional sync tool.

  16. Rom1 says:

    Will the new Android oriOS clients be able to connect to on premise solution without Office 365 subscription ? (like other on premise sync solutions…)

  17. Jakob Ventzel says:

    Hi @Markga, are you still on schedule as posted in early May? I.e. for a TAP in September and release this year?

  18. RobC says:

    @Markga, I’m really waiting on the new sync tool because with our Onedrive with a few of 100s of gigs it’s not that fun to sync everything. So selective sync would be GREAT. Are you still on schedule? Were can we find te progress?

  19. Scott says:

    Since the current Onedrive for Business client no longer works with the new GM version of El Capitan, access to a beta of this new client would be really helpful now.

  20. Sean says:

    This is great news since my company is getting closer to being able to implement a Folder Redirection GPO for our clients in the future using ODfB but we are strictly going to implement it with 100% automation. What concerns me greatly is how unreliable
    the current sync feature is for GROOVE.exe and how much hassle it is for IT to set up manual folder naming for the ODfB folder path. Constant registry tweaks and clearing of cache information just to get the sync back online and following the GPO setup is
    not a viable solution at this time

    I would strongly recommend giving IT more robust choices in regards to the folder path name (Maybe an Admin option in 0365 where you can set the path as OneDrive for Business, OneDrive – Company Name, etc. and all users under that domain have that folder path
    no matter what) and also making it easier to retrieve the ODfB GUIDS for domain users than having to fish for it using Process Explorer.

    Very excited to see that Microsoft realizes the potential of ODfB and with all of the testing/development I’ve invested in it, I just want to see you guys succeed with this product 🙂

  21. Guillaume says:

    Hello, any news regarding the TAP program’s start? Thanks, hope we can start working together to improve ODfB’s next release ASAP! 🙂

  22. SanthaR says:

    We are on the TAP program. When we try to install the new sync client, it is not recognizing our Corporate Microsoft account, thus we are not able to proceed further with the testing. I’ve written to the TAP team last week but there’s no reply yet. Raised
    a case with Microsoft, they have suggested to post here.

  23. christophe says:

    Any news about the onedrive for business, with the launch of office 2016 and windows 10 i completly lost on how i could setup a onedrive link to our office 365 license.

  24. @Markga says:

    Dear @Markga, we are really lost in how to set up one drive in combination with our office 365 license. Please give us an update. My company is considering to move away from Microsoft but I don’t want it.

  25. markga says:

    @santha – i am not with the product team i would post to the OneDrive @Guillaume – stay tuned should have something @Christope – see my other blog on how to use OneDrive for Business:

  26. Damiankry says:

    Hi is possible automate the nexts steps after deployment. Like the question "Which Library do you want to sync?"

  27. Nuno says:

    News about auditing who has viewed / opened a shared file with mandatory login with a Microsoft account ? You know this function is very interesting as it pushes the adoption of Microsoft accounts by those that are using other solutions and is great for us
    in order to measure the interest of people on the documents we share.

  28. WaiYin Leong says:

    Is there any conflict between this and ODB which come with Office 365 ProPlus? Or shall we install this new sync client after installing O365?

  29. Rob C says:


    At this moment I’m testing with a client that works with Mac and works great!
    Good performance, no problems with sync. I’m much happier now.
    I’m using Office 365 business.

    You can register for the Beta:

  30. Mark says:

    May I ask what mean by "personal sync from managed device"?

  31. Deniz says:

    Please upgrade OneDrive for Business WEB INTERFACE too. OneDrive Business Web interface don’t exists good features like ONEDRIVE PERSONAL(free) version. For example, if you share a folder with external users, they cannot download multiple files and they cannot download folder as zip. So, it’s mean, you cannot use as sharing tool OneDrive Business. You can use as garbage.

  32. David Blum says:

    Any plans to add capability to sync shared files, files posted to Team Sites, or files posted to Office 365 Groups? OneDrive for Business’ current inability to sync these files is forcing us to look elsewhere for a cloud drive for team usage.

    1. Steve Faehl says:

      Thanks for your interest David! Our next update cycle for the Next Gen Sync Client starts in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on and for announcements and I will cross-post them on this blog as well.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    Could we have an update?

    The 20000 files limit on OneDrive is already removed or not??

    Someone have news about this point?

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Steve Faehl says:

      This was a limitation of the Groove.exe sync client and not OneDrive for Business specifically so if you use the new sync client (OneDrive.exe) you will not experience the previous file count limitation.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi ,
    I’m wondering how to install office proplus without installing OneDrive for Business.
    When I wrote odt file script including ExcludeApp = Groove, OneDrive for Business still was installed in my test PC.
    How can i disable to install ODfB?

    1. Steve Faehl says:

      This is possible by adding an additional ExcludeApp element with ID=”OneDrive”. There are two sync clients, the legacy client (Groove) and what we call the next gen sync client (OneDrive). For a full reference visit the configuration options page.

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