Office 365 and Moodle integration

I get asked quite a bit about our Moodle integration with Office 365. The good news is starting today there is now a fantastic Office 365 and Moodle integration story.


Moodle for Office 365 integration


Here are some talking points about the offering:

· The Moodle Office 365 integration provides faculty, educators and students a learning platform for increased productivity and is yet another example of how Microsoft is committed to empowering every student, educator and institution to do more and achieve more through the use of technology.

· Moodle has already changed the face of classroom management in 241 countries. Now, with Office 365 integration, Moodle becomes even more powerful. With new open-source plugins, Office 365 and Moodle work together to bring a better and more productive classroom experience to teachers and students alike.

· Educators are busy running their class and preparing their students for success; students are busy trying to manage it all and build skills for the future.  Announced today, the Moodle with Office 365 integration is helping to reinvent productivity in education with:

o Easy Access.  Your Office 365 username and password now gets you into Moodle with no additional credentials to remember.  Moodle is now also accessible from the new Office 365 app launcher, meaning it’s just a few clicks away from any of your favorite Office 365 apps like Delve, Outlook Web App, SharePoint and others.

o Work Offline.  Moodle courses can now include Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) that can be edited on any device and even offline – no need to stop working if you don’t have an Internet connection.

o Mobile Friendly, Cross-Platform. Moodle calendar events can be synced with Office 365 and will show up in all of your mobile devices that support Exchange – iOS, Android, Windows etc.

o Classroom Ready.  Teachers and faculty can embed their interactive Mix lectures in Moodle courses and manage Moodle assignment submissions through OneNote.


Office Mix and Moodle integration


What type of integration is available with Moodle and Office 365?



Single Sign-On (SSO)

Students/Instructors can sign on to Moodle with same ID as their Office 365 login using Azure AD federation. The Moodle icon can also be added to the app launcher within the Office 365 Portal.


Events created in Moodle will show on student/teacher O365 calendars, enabling them to easily track course events and due dates.


Instructors can create assignments in OneNote! Students to complete the assignment and submit work via Moodle, and instructors to provide feedback in the student OneNote.


sample Moodle and OneNote integration

PowerPoint w/Office Mix

Instructors can easily embed interactive online lessons created with PowerPoint w/Office Mix

OneDrive for Business

OD4B documents can be associated automatically with Moodle courses. Updates to those documents will appear automatically in links in Moodle, streamlining version control and simplifying integration of content stored in the cloud.


Where can I download the Office 365 plug ins for Moodle?

GitHub under GPLv3

Moodle Plug-Ins Directory via Azure Certified Virtual Machine Image


Read more on the announcement from our Open Technologies subsidiary here.

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  1. markga says:

    @Jess – unfortunately I am not the Moodle PHP plug in expert. I think posting your question to the MS Open tech folks who helped develop this might be better. See their post here:

  2. markga says:

    @John – the Azure account is needed to integrate with Office 365 to access OneDrive for Business, email, and single sign on. This is a requirement for most LMS integration with Office 365. I agree with you on the plugins – i am not sure why so many. Good

  3. markga says:

    @Angie – for the Single Sign On to work you have to setup Azure AD federation with Moodle. If you don’t set this up you will receive dual prompts.

  4. ANGIE says:

    pardon an ignorant question but is there a way to authenticate to use this if you DONT use azure?

  5. Jess says:

    I have problems with integration with office 365, I have my Moodle on a VM on Azure and my Office 365 premium.
    I want to use Sharepoint as a repository of Moodle, and I’m installing OneDrive plug-in on it.

    As a previous step I’m configuring OpenID plug-in but then when I’m going to "local plug-ins" -> "Microsoft Office 365 integration" it throws me an error message: "Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: PHP catchable fatal error".
    What can be wrong in what I’m doing? Please I will appreciate your help.

  6. John says:

    So far I’m not too happy with it. It would seem that in order to get Office 365 to work with Moodle you have to have an Azure Account (which I don’t want at this point). This seems very illogical to me because OneNote works just fine and it’s part of the
    Office 365 suite. So why do you need to have an Azure Account to use office 365 in Moodle ? Maybe I’m missing something ? Additionally there are a bigillion MS plugins you have to install and lots of dependencies ! With the money and power that MS has can’t
    they just create one plugin to "Rule them All" ?

  7. Sergiy says:

    Will these plugins work together with Azure Active Directory plugins ?
    Is it possible to migrate form AAD to O365 plugins conveniently?

  8. Leo Seok Yong says:

    student and instructor both are in different office 365 tenant. Could moodle Office 365 integration work?

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