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  1. Mr Kim says:

    The synchronization schedule function has been redesigned since the release of Azure Active Directory Sync.
    Here is a post how to adjust the frequency of the sync schedule:

  2. Anonymous says:

      Some great new items launched today for Office 365 customers.   Brand your Azure AD/Office

  3. Anonymous says:

    Update password

    In some instances, users might not be able to connect to the corporate network to change their account password. This factor can be problematic especially for remote employees who might live far from the nearest corporate office. For

  4. Cheryl D'Arezzo says:

    How do I change my password for MicroSoft Office 365 if I forgot it and your system now tells me my ID is not correct, which is my email address?

  5. Thanks for explaining in detail 🙂 Informative

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