Can I toggle on and off Sites, Newsfeed, OneDrive inside of SharePoint Online?

This is a very popular request in education where you may want to hide a subset of SharePoint Online functionality such as newsfeeds or sites for example. The good news is we now just shipped this update to SharePoint Online that provides this capability to toggle on and off SharePoint features in the Portal navigation bar:

Where is this feature?:

1) Visit Office 365 portal

2) Visit ‘SharePoint’ administration

3) Visit ‘Settings’

4) Select features to enable/disable within the navigation bar


Portal Nav bar before toggle:


Portal Nav bar after toggle hiding Newsfeed and Sites (note must exit browser fully and restart):


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  1. markga says:

    @Gabriel I haven’t see this on prem. @DVC If hiding newsfeed is not enough, you can disable newsfeed completely In order to disable the “Newsfeed” tenant wide, follow these steps:
    1. Log in as an admin
    2. Navigate to Newsfeed
    3. Click the gear icon and select “Site Settings”
    4. Select Web Parts
    5. Select MicroFeed.dwp
    6. Select Edit
    7. Select “Delete”

  2. LB20 says:

    It’s very nice to have that option – thanks for posting it. We already made the change in our tenant and it definitely cleans up the portal interface for our users, which should cut down on some confusion until we’re ready for SharePoint.

  3. Gabriel Worden says:

    How can I do this with On Prem SharePoint?

  4. DVC says:

    This is a welcome addition, however, you can still get to the Newsfeed but clicking on your name in the top right corner –> About Me –> Newsfeed. Kind of makes this update pointless as it doesn’t actually prevent access to the Newsfeed.

  5. dsrtrosy says:

    Is it possible to turn OneDrive off in Outlook? I am forced to use microsoftonline at the school where I teach. Suddenly this morning when I try to attach a file to an email, it says "Attachments or OneDrive files" and then proceeds to make me go through
    two additional steps I’ve never needed before (choosing computer and telling it to just attach). However, when I click on OneDrive directly, I get an error message. How do I disable this "feature"–yet another thing I don’t want from Microsoft?

  6. Vernon Blanson says:

    I’m not sure if this is active any more, but is there a way to restrict access to the ‘Newsfeed’ feature? I don’t want to hide it, I just want to limit who can post to it.

  7. Kirk says:

    I don’t have an option to not show Yammer or News Feed

  8. Gene says:

    If you don’t want to see the Newsfeed title…Select use and the it disappears. I also removed the Delve title by turning off Office Graph.

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