Office for iPad now available with Office 365 Education

Announced today we are now offering Office for iPad. You can use the free portion of Office for iPad for reading, viewing and presenting and if you have a valid Office 365 ProPlus license you can also create and edit Office documents on your iPad. This license is part of the A3 SKU and the Student Advantage SKU within Office 365 Education so you can now provide this to your faculty and students.

We also announced that Office for iPhone and Android will be free as of today where this used to also require an A3 or Student Advantage license but is no longer the case.

There are some exciting features in Office for iPad including Excel for iPad, Word for iPad, and PowerPoint for iPad where it has been written from the ground up for touch friendly and mouse and keyboard free use.


Excel for iPad


PowerPoint for iPad


Word for iPad

Office for iPad

A more in depth demo of Office for iPad here:

Garage Series demo on Office for iPad

Here is a quick FAQ I put together on the release:

Where can I get Office for iPad?

You can download it here from the App Store.

Is this free?

You can download and read, review, and present Office content with the free version however if you need to save to OneDrive, edit or create new Office content using Office for iPad you will need a valid Office 365 subscription. 

Here is a matrix describing free vs. Office 365 subscription functionality with Office for iPad:


What Office 365 Education subscriptions qualify for creating/editing documents using Office for iPad?

  • Office 365 Education A3
  • Office 365 Education A4
  • Office 365 ProPlus for Students
  • Office 365 ProPlus A for Students – aka Student Advantage
  • Office 365 ProPlus

note: you can also buy an Office 365 subscription outside of Office 365 Education using a personal subscription purchase using Office 365 University for academic users (faculty, staff or student) here or if non academic user see here.

How many tablets can I run this on per user subscription?

You can now run this on 5 tablets per user subscription with the Office 365 Education subscriptions.

Can I trial Office for iPad?

Yes, you can use a 30 day trial here.

What does it include?


  • PowerPoint for iPad
  • Excel for iPad
  • Word for iPad

What happens if I no longer have a subscription?

Your Office for iPad will allow you to continue viewing content but you will no longer be able to create or edit Office documents.

What version of iOS is supported?

You need an iPad running iOS 7.0 or later.

Comments (17)

  1. Great to see Students getting access to the full version of Office 365 on iPads. I was wondering if there was a cheap way to get staff accessing Office 365 on iPad without needing to resort to purchasing separate A3 licenses?

  2. markga says:

    Jason and Jared,

    A few things to understand if your district or campus owns Office and core CAL or ECAL we discount A3 by a significant amount so you don’t pay twice for Office you only pay for the net new features in A3 such as Encryption, Voicemail, In place hold, universal eDiscovery, unlimited archiving, Visio and Excel services, etc.

  3. markga says:

    Matt, which Office 365 pro plus account do you have? Any of the ones listed above should work with Office for iPad.

  4. markga says:

    @markga – No, OWA for iOS is free and A2 with Exchange Online is also included at no extra charge so any faculty can access email and calendar from iOS devices with no extra licenses.

  5. markga says:


    The only other way is with Office 365 ProPlus stand alone license for faculty.

  6. Jared Pickerell -Troy USD 429 says:

    Mark, We have the student advantage (as part of our EES agreement as we license all of our staff for Office Professional), but I can not see paying an extra fee for an Office365 license. I do wish that MS would include and Office 365 ProPlus license for our staff for those of us who have OVS or EES agreements already covering our staff. I can’t justify paying additional dollars here.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great news! We just publically announced today at Educause that Office 365 ProPlus will be offered to

  8. Barbie Argabrite says:

    When will it be available for the Android??

  9. Matt says:

    I can not activate my 365 pro plus account in word for the ipad. Thus can only view and not edit documents. It states that I require 365 home. Any ideas how to resolve this?

  10. Jason Sedlaczek says:

    RE – Benjamin – I have OVS licensing for my school campus and, yes, students can get it for free but it’s $24/year per staff account to get O365 for them. I believe the SKU is 5FV-00004. We are on Google Apps now and were considering O365 since I thought it would be free for EDU, but it’s probably going to be off the table given the additional cost to get staff licensed.

  11. Andy says:

    We have the default A2 plan but have access to Office365 ProPlus through our volume licensing agreement. I don’t see it appearing as a licence I can assign to students though. How does volume licensing link to office365 so I can add proplus for my students?

  12. markga says:

    Like Jason and Jared, our school has an OVS agreement for the following:
    -Microsoft Server
    -Microsoft Server CAL
    -Microsoft Windows
    -Microsoft Office

    We are in the midst of testing O365 A2 and read via a blog on this:

    Q: What Office 365 subscription plans include OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad?

    A: Any Office 365 subscription plan that includes the latest update of Exchange Online also includes OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad. Specifically, these plans are: Office 365 Small Business; Office 365 Small Business Premium; Office 365 Midsize Business; Office
    365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E4; Office 365 Kiosk K1 and K2; Office 365 Education A2, A3 and A4; and any Exchange Online plan. There are also Office 365 government plans that include OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad.

    You will need to sign in to your Office 365 subscription on first run to activate OWA. If you aren’t already an Office 365 subscriber, you can visit to learn more and sign up.

    Are you saying that if we’re using A2 for staff and faculty that our iPhone users have know way to access their email/calendars/etc.. using either OWA app or iOS Mail/Calendar apps?

  13. It is a shame as we have EES Licensing for Office and Windows on all the computers on site. I was hoping O365 for staff would come under this as well. I guess not.

  14. Joel Barker says:

    I’m the computer technician at a small school. We use Office 365 with the free E1 education licenses.
    Now that create/edit is free for everyone with Office for iPad, I recommended it to all my staff and students. However, we quickly discovered that when signed in with one of these accounts, the apps remain in read-only mode. Are there plans to open it up to
    us and others in our position?

  15. Patricia Colonnese says:

    What is the price for Office 365 with create/edit for 25 iPads at elementary school? Our teachers all have Microsoft office on desktops . If it free on iPads , what is the price per user in an elementary school plus storage on OneDrive. This is for K-5
    students, so just using word and powerpoint. Can I order just word for the ipad and powerpoint?

  16. Nash says:

    Can i Record Narration for a PowerPoint Presentation on Ipad?
    Thank you.

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