Is there any new Office 365 training for my end users?

This is a common question I get from customers deploying Office 365 Education. There are several training resources available for end user’s to learn Office 365 Education.

This site has excellent Office 365 end user video and text training resources here:


The videos are on Office 365 common usage scenarios:


A downloadable Office 365 video training series called ‘Get to know Office 365’ you can host in your internal training sites here:


Some SharePoint Online quickstart handouts here:

Sample downloadable SharePoint .doc training:


If you don’t have Microsoft IT Academy you really should get it for your academic institution since you can get access to Microsoft training courses and digital MS Press books.  This is an affordable training option for your end users where you can obtain a site license for your entire academic institution (contact your Microsoft account manager or Microsoft rep to sign up) to allow them to learn Microsoft technologies:


You can assign Office 365 specific/customized learning curriculums to your end users and you can track their progress and completion of content. You can also add other Microsoft products to their training plan such as Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, Office, etc.:

Sample of an Office 365 customized CBT curriculum you can assign custom courses to an end user or IT pro/admin:


View of the course outline for Communicating and Collaborating with Office 365:


Office 365 ProPlus/Student Advantage training would be here:


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  1. NeedsCoffee says:

    Thanks for this article. We recently jumped on the IT Academy scheme, but when we go to create custom learning plans we can’t find any Office 365 material at all. Is this something extra we have to pay for? Or have we somehow been signed up to a crippled
    older version of the IT Academy perhaps?

  2. markga says:


    I found out that the content was pulled recently and is being refreshed with Wave15 content (OneDrive, SharePoint, Lync, Exchange content) soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Latest from IT Academy

    Learn About Trends in 1:1 Learning in Next Week’s Webinar —Sign

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have many education customers deploying Office 365 this summer while school is out. I was asked what

  5. Mike Shores says:

    There seems to be a lack of any really current end user training for Office 365. May I suggest CBTClips? We offer a series of end user videos covering Office 365, OWA, SharePoint, Lync and more. Several free videos at

  6. Timothy Kleczka says:

    Take a look here: We can provide a free learning key if you would like to evaluate the course.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I get asked this quite often from my customers and we have a plethora of Office 365 content but in some

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