A quick and easy way to link Moodle to SharePoint with Collabco MyDay

imageCollabco is a specialist Microsoft Partner focused on SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Lync, UAG, Mobility and deliver the following services: Technology Consultancy, IT Strategy Consultancy, Development, Project implementation, Support and Training.  They are also the focus of our next post in our partner blog series.  Over to Brendan Nel and Oli Newsham from CollabCo for some more info and a cool demo.


With over 60 million users, Moodle is a well-known VLE used in schools, FE and HE establishments all over the world.  Whilst offering the ability to customise to meet individual requirements there has been no easy way to present student information in an Office 365 environment until now.

UK-based Collabco, whose MyDay product enables educational establishments to aggregate the information students need on a daily basis and present it in a highly intuitive Windows 8 style environment, have just announced the launch of their new MyDay Moodle app to overcome this.

Easy to setup and use

The MyDay Moodle app links an existing Moodle installation to SharePoint. Once the app is installed it guides an administrator through the process of setting up their Moodle installation to talk to the app. All the administrator needs to do it fill out a couple of fields then copy some files into Moodle that the app generates.

Once setup, users of the app are presented with a set of tiles in SharePoint showing their current and outstanding assignments categorised into time periods.




Moving the mouse over a tile shows details of the next assignment in that category and clicking the tile takes you to a detailed view of your assignments.







clip_image006Clicking on an assignment in the detail view will automatically sign the user into Moodle and take them directly to the selected assignment.






Check out our video demo to see this in action.

Available for SharePoint Online (SharePoint 2013 running on Office 365) the app requires Moodle 2.0 or above to run. For more information go to www.collabco.co.uk to get in touch.

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  1. Stephen Smith (University of Edinburgh) says:

    The link "MyDay" above is broken because the page no longer exists. The MyDay collabco page is at:
    http://www.collabco.co.uk/index.php/myday/ from there you can see a demo at:

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