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Next up in our partner blog post series is some great information from long-time partner Dell.  A lot of customers ask us how they can migrate their email into Exchange Online from other services – well read on to find out more 🙂


Office 365 is an exciting topic for anyone planning on saving money by moving their messaging service to the cloud. Many customers are quick to arrive at the idea that it will save them money in the long run but usually struggle with a good cost effective way to move mailbox users while retaining their important data. OnDemand Migration for Email from Dell offers a solution that makes the process easy that requires no on-premise software installation.

Dell has over 12 years of experience migrating users and email data to the latest and greatest version of Exchange. We have migrated over 30 million mailboxes to new versions of Exchange, so naturally, helping our customers get to Office 365 was an easy decision for us. Microsoft’s Office 365 platform offers customers more flexibility in pricing, ease of support, and reduced infrastructure costs all the while providing users the same great Exchange email experience they had on-premise. Our customers approached us early on with interest in migrating to this latest platform knowing from past experience that we could take them there with minimal impact to their users and infrastructure.

Dell’s OnDemand Migration for Email is a solution that migrates mailboxes to Office 365 in a fast and secure way. It will migrate mailbox data from Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013, Google’s Gmail, GroupWise, SunOne, and Notes (coming soon!). The solution provides a high degree of visibility into the process in order to monitor status and troubleshoot issues should they occur.

OnDemand Migration for Email runs in the cloud as well. It’s built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. Choosing to deploy our solution on this platform was also an easy decision. Microsoft provides a reliable robust system for application deployment where our customers can gain the ease of accessibility and greater performance in Azure than they could if the application was limited to their on-premise datacenter.

Take a look at the video to see OnDemand Migration for email in action from Ron Robbins at Dell.


OnDemand Migration for Email offers customers a fast, easy, and secure way to migrate user mailboxes to Office 365. It requires no installation, can run in a web browser, and can be accessed from anywhere. Dell makes it easy and affordable to make the move to Office 365.

Dell and Microsoft are partnered to help you affordably adopt Microsoft Office 365 as your new messaging platform and are offering preferred pricing to our education customers that contact us. Visit to learn more about this program. Use the links on that page to find out more about our solutions for Office 365 and contact us to qualify for your preferred pricing.

Choose a solution from a partner with unmatched experience and make your migration a successful one!

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