Top User Tips #7–Following Content in SharePoint Online

Having looked at the new social networking features of SharePoint Online back in the 2nd edition of our top user tips it’s time to look at following sites that interest you, too.

If you find a SharePoint Online site in your institution that you want to access again, you can follow it to keep it handy. In addition, people who follow you get an update in their newsfeed about the site you’ve started following. This helps build your reputation as a collaborator—without any extra work from you. So following a site is similar to ‘liking’ it but with some added benefits.

Once you start following a site, you can:

  • Find the site easily in your list of followed sites.
  • See activity from the site feed in your own newsfeed.
  • Share your find through an automatic newsfeed post that people who follow you can see.

Find out more about following sites that interest you on!

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