Learning Possibilities LP+4 – now with extra Office 365

Next up in my partner guest blog post series is a UK ISV that has been building solutions on the Microsoft platform for a long time, blazing a trail as they go.  Over to Mehool Sanghrajka, Learning Possibilities CEO and all round great guy 🙂


imageLearning Possibilities is an innovative UK company that builds and delivers LP+4, the cloud based learning platform for K-12 schools - built on sixteen enterprise-class Microsoft technologies.  The company has been at the forefront of both cloud based learning and SharePoint-based learning platforms for over eight years; the latest release, LP+4, seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and has an Windows 8 blogging app.

As an early adopter of new and emerging Microsoft technologies, the company has re-engineered the LP+4 portal so it is highly engaging and filled with features usually found in social media site, yet fully secure and with policies set by the school. These features include changeable themes, avatars, status walls, blogs, wikis and many more.

Check out the demo video the team prepared:


The combination of LP+4 and Office 365 gives the user the best of both worlds, the flexibility and educational focus of LP+4 as well as the power and cost-effectiveness of Office 365. Where local legislation requires compliance with data protection legislation, this can also be effectively achieved with this combination.

Learning Possibilities recently secured a contract in Wales which will see a rollout of Office 365 to over 500,000 teachers and learners, together with bi-lingual local LP+4 school sites and a national site for teachers, https://hwb.wales.gov.uk.  In this scenario, integrating LP+4 with Office 365 offers each user a lifelong personal space (eportfolio) with access to Lync, Exchange and SharePoint.  Rollout of the LP+4 learning platform to each customer is managed by Learning Possibilities’ education consultants and is supported by the LP+ ADOPT framework. The LP+ ADOPT framework was selected by the UK Education Ministry as the National Framework for Learning Platform Adoption for schools.

Contact the folks at Learning Possibilities to find out more.

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