Top User Tips #2–SharePoint Online Social Networking

In part 1 of our bite-size top user tips we looked at Offline Access. Today, in part 2, we look at SharePoint Online’s social networking features; in particular the ability to tag words and mention people.

In SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 Education, the Newsfeed page in the My Site continues to provide an aggregated view of activities from content and people the user is following. However, the feed is improved with new microblogging functionality that enables students and teachers to do the following:

  • Take part in conversations by posting comments and replies.

  • Post pictures and links.

  • Use tags (starting with the # symbol) to define keywords that fellow teachers and classmates can follow and search for.

  • Use mentions (starting with the @ symbol) to tag users in posts and replies.

  • Indicate agreement with comments and replies by clicking Like.

  • Follow people, documents, sites, and tags to customize their feed.


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